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Ok, I’m back. My answers are going to be so stupid but here goes nothing.

Kimberlin- I named my MC after my most favoritest actress/ politician, Kimberlin Brown Pelzer. (Emu,  I just found out a couple of weeks ago she does a lot of work for CF. She’s donated to CFF and does the CF walks) I just looked up the meaning for this name and it means “Bold family” which is incredibly fitting. It’s also British which is amazing

Ryder- It’s got kind of a western vibe to it and it’s for a cowboy. It means “horseman, cavalrymen, or messenger”

Jack Anthony Patterson- ok… this dude is totally named after my celeb crushes and an inside joke between me and my bestie 😂😂😂 Jack is the name of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character from the Titanic, Anthony is Robert Pattinson’s middle name, and Patterson is the inside joke (derived from Robert Pattinson) so there’s my heterosexual pride moment for the day, @this-is-not-an-alien

Rose- I named her after the beautiful (inside and out) @rose-colored-fancy it means “famous type” apparently. Of course, it’s also a flower

Tae- it’s a nickname I invented for Teressa and since I invented it I get to come up with the meaning. It was derived from the medieval time period and means “that of a black fox”

Ok, literally the only character I named because of the meaning,

Libelle- it means “dragonfly” and I really liked that for her

So there’s that XD

My first ever story would have been perfect for this. The theme, I guess (I know, anti-theme Erynne having a theme sounds super hypocritical doesn’t it?) was actually names. Everyone in the story had a name with their role as a meaning. It was kinda neat

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