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Joshua Scheele


Hey! welcome to the crew! So far God has this site and people who also come here have been the best thing in my writing journey. I used to write short stories in highschool but just for myself. Now that I am 26, I have finally decided to start writing my first fantasy novel that Lord willing, will become a series ( a very large series XD.)

I learned piano to the basic level by the time I left college. Then life got too busy to keep taking lessons but I hope to resume again someday. (most likely start over XD.)

I also love poetry. I am currently experimenting with horrible attempts XD to write it so I can include it in my story to add more to my mysteries, puzzles, and also make songs out of.

Lord of the rings and Narnia are some of my favorite novels but my absolute favorite is Redwall by Brian Jacques. That is where I found my love for creative writing.

Which of your favorite novels would you say has the most influence on your WIP and why?

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