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Noah Cochran


Anyone interested in sharing their 2022 goals (whether itโ€™s writing or something else)?

*Checks my new years goals document*

For writing, I would like to:

Write books 1&2 of my medieval series

Do the first round of revision for books 1&2

Revise my stand alone novel again

Outline book 3 of the series

Outline a short spin-off to my stand alone novel

For non-writing it’s mostly just keeping a new schedule I made as closely as possible, but I would also like to:

Finish a list of history and other non-fiction books

Keep up a good pace at learning French

Possibly start a history channel

And did you accomplish any of your 2021 goals?

If I had any, I don’t recall what they were. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

But I didn’t know a thing about writing until June 2021, nor had I written a single word of a fiction book until then, so there definitely wasn’t any writing resolutions or goals.

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