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Anyone interested in sharing their 2022 goals (whether it’s writing or something else)?

Cool topic! I want to finish drafting the last book of the trilogy and finish the second drafts of the second and third book, hopefully getting all of them to beta-readers this year. (Maybe? That’s a stretch but I want to at least finish them!)

More specifically, I want to finish the third book in less than three months. I started mid-december and I’m a third of the way through, so I think I’ll manage it! (That’s the fastest I’ve ever written a book, and this is going to be a long one, but I think I can do it if I keep being consistent)

On that note, become more consistent, and be less critical about my writing and just write what I enjoy!

And did you accomplish any of your 2021 goals?

My only 2021 writing goal was to finish drafting the second book and to rewrite the first book, and I did both!

How about you?

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