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Ok! Yeah, I totally get that, like condoning their character flaws is just ugh, but I love antiheros! Also…you read the Great Gatsby, oh honey I’m so sorry!!

So that was what I meant by “role model.” A good author makes the reader feel emotionally connected to the MC. But when a character is “morally ambiguous,” does it at least cause us to think about our own morals, or do we brush it off because we like the character enough to think it’s okay?  I definitely don’t think all characters should be squeaky clean to be a good “role model.” But do we view them as role models simply because they’re cool or different, or is there some underlying quality that makes us look up to them? If they’re flawed, do they portray an accurate representation of human nature, or are the flaws viewed as something to be emulated?

Bingo! Totally agree there

Also, I’ll save your email in my contacts. I don’t want to hand out my email right now because I don’t know how busy I’ll be in November, or if I’ll still be active on Story Embers, but I’m still interested right now.

Ok! That’s fair 😉

Also, do you have any book recommendations that represent queer characters from a Christian perspective? Or otherwise done tastefully? Most of the books I see recommended in my library, from the book summaries, seem focus more on “coming out” or on finding a relationship, which is why I’ve never picked them up, or even thought about how they can be represented in Christian fiction.

I really, really haven’t seen a lot of Christian books that do this and it kinda frustrates me but I get why they don’t. There is some homosexuality handled from a Christian perspective in the Shadow of the Bear series, especially the last book Waking Rose. In one of my favorite TV series, Person of Interest, they introduce an aromantic girl named Shaw in one of the later series and she was one of my absolute favorite characters and I loved her and there was another morally ambiguous character, Root, who was lesbian and had a fantastic slow-burn redemption arc and it was handled nicely and added subtly to her character while eliminating the fear of cheesy romance with her teammates in an action/adventure but then like they shipped her and Shaw in the last season and that was just…no. (Especially hurt my sister who’d been shipping Shaw with Detective Fasco for several seasons)

The last season was still worth watching if you skip a couple episodes coz the ending episodes really hit their themes and the character arcs were just *Italian chief’s kiss* But anyway, Root was a lesbian character who was handled very tastefully up to the last season or two and one of the lead actors is Christian so even with so many morally ambiguous characters it had some very, very good themes and rose a lot of deep moral questions, plus shoot ’em up bang ’em up mystery-thriller! (dang I need to go back and rewatch it it was great!)

But aside from that, really I’m fairly disappointed I haven’t seen a lot of Christian queer representation in media *sigh*

Sorry to keep spamming this thread with my random thoughts.😂 but I just wanted to say this conversation has really made me think about this topic, and I’m still trying to sort out my thoughts about representing it in fiction. I’ve thought about more about the topic with how it pertains to real life, but not really how to present it in fiction. I found this article by a priest (im not Catholic, but I found his ideas thought-provoking) about some questions to ask oneself before writing queer characters: https://rcspirituality.org/ask_a_priest/ask-a-priest-is-it-ok-to-write-a-novel-with-gay-characters/

Oh sweet! My little Catholic heart sings for joy!!

Ok, I’m a little busy right now but I swear I’m gonna get back to you on this one, I just want to take the time to unpack what he’s got here and how I want to present my own characters and kinda break that down…please yell at me if I don’t get back to you by the 14th I really would love to discuss more 🙂

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