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@valkyrie-falk ( @erynne @emma-walker thought you might be interested after doing many of my previous characters)

Alrighty, so all of the characters I’ve been submitting on here are from the same book series that I’m currently writing. It’s essentially a super-hero story that is set in a world that is very similar to ours, except it used to be a fantasy world and has now forgotten those roots. Now those old legends and myths are resurfacing in the strange city of Sea Side Point, in the form of otherworldly invaders, scheming villains, and bold vigilantes.

1) Name: Emrys, Emerald, Ezmeralda? Something that starts with an E or S.

Raptora, “Queen” Raptora if you value your life.

2) Age: I don’t see many scars, so maybe in her thirties.

She should probably have more scars, given her backstory, but she’s actually 73, which is still young adult status amongst the dragonfolk.

3) Career/Role in Story: Close to the main character. Maybe the main character’s dragon.

Clearly I didn’t make her expression as malicious as I thought I did lol. She’s one of the primary villains of the story, and is the reason (or a major factor) for at least four characters’ tragic backstories.

4) Personality: Fierce. Maybe tender-hearted sometimes too.

Fierce? Yes. Tender hearted? No. She’s got anger issues and can be incredibly obsessive over a specific goal, even if it doesn’t make sense. She’s a bit erratic and has massive mood swings.

5) Would you be friends with that character?: So totally definitely.

No. Run. Hide. Stay very far, far away. There is caution tape everywhere.

6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: Well, I see some sort of writing on the walls of a cave. She doesn’t have any wings. It looks like there might be a spot where they might have been at some point.

She’s hiding out in a cave at the moment, those writings are far older than she is. Also, good job noticing the joint where wings would connect if she had them. I’ll get into that more later.

7) What would this character’s nickname be?: Um, maybe silky?

Green-Eyes, Soulbreaker, Brother’s Bane, the Emerald Scourge. Mostly titles given to her out of fear.

8) Character’s greatest strength: Well, it’s a dragon, so I’m guessing it breathes fire. But not all dragons do. So maybe that’s it?

I’m still debating on fire-breathing, but she has a special venom that has unique effects that are… very plot important and spoilery. She is an incredibly tough fighter and her ferocity and strength have brought many foes to their defeat.

Also… here’s a size comparison:

9) Character’s fatal flaw: No wings.

I’d say her fatal flaw is a tie between her rage and pride. She can be manipulated by flattery and giving her something to unleash her anger upon. Her loyal council have discovered that she is an effective tool in disposing of obstacles. You just have to direct her temper tantrums toward those and pray you don’t get caught in the crossover.

The lack of wings are a quick way to rile her up.

10) Phrase that this character is likely to say: “Rawr!” Idk XD

“You think you can defy me? I thought you would know better. After all, you’ve watched everyone else who’s tried simply become slaves to my will. Now. Bow to your queen!”

11) Character’s favorite color(s): Grean.

I obviously associate the her with the color green, also gold.

12) Characters family status (parents alive? any siblings or other close family members?): Oh, that’s tuff. Well, I think dragons live long, but it could be different in different stories. I’m guessing its parents are alive and that it maybe had a sibling or two. Maybe that’s were those few scars came from?

Parents are dead. Not sure how yet, but I think she was involved. She had a brother, but she uh… well he’s dead now. And she has a sister-in-law who’s still kickin’. Most scars came from other battles, but a few probably came from her brother.

13) Single or taken?: Single.

And it will forever remain that way…

14) Characters children (if any?): None

One, if you count her nephew, who was kept around as a trophy of sorts after killing his father. He is now a nervous wreck.

15) Characters hobbies: Um, I’m not sure a dragon would have a hobby. Maybe swimming?

Murder. Conquering. Terrifying everyone she comes across. Ruining lives. Might collect treasure like classical dragons to fill the void in her empty, empty heart.

16) Greatest fear: Hmm, maybe losing someone she loves?

She has no one to lose. Save herself, and defeat would be her greatest her. She has to be the strongest, the best, and most feared. What would happen if she lost? No, that’s simply not possible. No one is stronger than her… right?

17) Dreams and Aspirations: Wants to rule the world?

That’s a start. She used to have a goal, but she lost track along the way. First she wanted to break her family curse, which she thought would be through battle and strength… maybe she simply hasn’t done enough…

18) Darkest Secret: Maybe her soft heart?

Nope. Would be any weakness she sees in herself, that could be used as a weapon… maybe that she’s afraid of what her nephew could become, the day he stares her in the eyes without any fear.

19) Peculiarities: No wings, again.

Alrighty, here we go. So, there are technically two sorts of dragon beings in this universe. We have ordinary dragons, which are just animals. And then we have dragonfolk, which are people that have human and dragon forms. Where Raptora comes from, humans are hated and feared, and she considers them weak and pathetic, so she never uses her human form. Now, her family are the royals of their realm, but somewhere back in the family tree someone screwed up and got them cursed. All bloodlines afterwards were born without wings, but still had the desire and instinct to fly. Many tried to fix this curse (said to be broken with ‘a golden heart fueled by stranger’s blood’), including Raptora and her brother Otakka. Otakka tried to cure it in a scientific way, seeking out a winged mate. Their child was considered doubly cursed, appearing completely human with no dragon form.

So Raptora knows she should have wings, and longs to fly. But nothing she’s done has worked, but at least she can laugh at her brother’s pathetic attempt, in the form of the frightened child hiding from her gaze.


Sorry this is long, but I’ve been wanting to talk about this character for awhile.

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