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1) Name: Nia Or Gia

2) Age: 17

3) Career/Role in Story: Side character

4) Personality: very quiet and softspoken with a fragile heart

5) Would you be friends with that character?: I feel like she needs one, so yes

6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: She is dressed as a knight, but I don’t think that’s by choice

7) What would this character’s nickname be? she doesn’t have anyone around to give her a nickname

8) Character’s greatest strength: her calming effect on people

9) Character’s fatal flaw: she is easily manipulated

10) Phrase that this character is likely to say: “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, I promise.”

11) Character’s favorite color(s): baby pink

12) Characters family status (parents alive? any siblings or other close family members?): she has family, but she doesn’t remember them. I think she was kidnapped when she was younger and is now under the power of the guys in the background of the picture. They take care of her needs, but they aren’t necessarily the nicest towards her. They also convinced her that her parents are dead.

13) Single or taken?: single

14) Characters children (if any?): no

15) Characters hobbies: collecting seashells, bird watching, and most outdoor activities

16) Greatest fear: being completely alone

17) Dreams and Aspirations: to have a friend or someone to care about her

18) Darkest Secret: she plans to escape because deep down she feels that her parents are alive

19) Peculiarities: she chews her fingernails and daydreams a lot and she is very jumpy

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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