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Grace Benham

@k-a-grey I started reading your stuff an I was like YES ME TOO.  It reminded of some other stuff about me/my type that I hadn’t thought of.  So yeah, I also just mutter little one-liners under my breath, but so quietly no one hears them which is kind of sad but I don’t really have the courage to say them out loud or something.  And I’m also really close with my sister and my family in general.  I really wish I could act more like my real personality when I’m around other people, but I can only really do it when I’m really comfortable with them.  I’m also pretty sensitive to hurtful stuff, though I usually don’t let people know.

A few more random things:  I really really don’t like conflict.  And when people don’t give me clear instructions on what to do I die—I don’t like making mistakes.  At all.



This is perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take: to be seen as we truly are.

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