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Oh, one other thing about my type.  I have spent nearly five minutes deciding whether to post this or not because I don’t want to offend P types, and if I did, I am so sorry, I just thought it was an interesting observation, and my mind is telling me to backspace and delete all this, but I’ve already typed this out, so I’m sorry if I said something I shouldn’t have or anything and so yeah, Imma go hide now).

An entire mood XD Basically my internal monologue at any given time XD

Another INFJ here to report!

friend status

Many acquaintences, few friends. People seem to generally like talking to me but I often can’t connect with them on a deeper level so it stays a surface-level friendship. When I was younger I used to desperately try to force friendships to deepen because I was lonely but I think I’m growing past that as I’ve actually found deeper friendships.

I can turn on the extraversion at will to the point where people think I’m an extrovert because I can be very outgoing and talkative once I feel comfortable, but I have a social battery that runs out quickly and then it’s just done and I want to hide somewhere by myself.

When I feel uncomfortable, I get icy, shy, and standoffish, to the point of appearing arrogant.

If I like someone, I’ll mirror however they’re acting unconciously, so being with extroverts is thrilling but exhausting and being with other introverts isn’t as exciting but more relaxing.

sense of humor

Who even knows? Lots of sarcasm, I tend to have a very dark sense of humor, but I usually don’t say those things out loud. It depends on how comfortable I am with that person. I’ll often copy their sense of humor.

My sense of humor tends to vary a lot and I’m very easily amused.


I’m the mom friend, probably one of the most responsible people in any given friend group, and will often appear serious to the point of being overly formal and stuck up.

On the other hand I have an extremely weird sense of humor and will often say things that makes everyone else pause like “I knew you were weird but I didn’t know it was that bad”. I appear very sane and reasonable until you get to know me and it gets worse from there.

how emotional you are

Oof. Very. It depends on a lot of factors. If I’m overall doing well and feel like I’m handling things I’m pretty calm and level-headed but as soon as it feels like things start spinning out of control I get extremely emotional very easily.

I cry very, very easily and about things that other people don’t even think about. I literally cried about the term “loved one” the other day because… it’s so gentle? It includes everyone, not specifically family or friends, but just everyone you love. It creates a group of people that you have complete control over, someone is a loved one as soon as you decide they are. I’m getting emotional about it again.

Welcome to my mind, I get emotional over words.

I like to say my room and desk is “organized chaos.”  It looks like chaos, but it’s organized in my head, trust me! I know exactly where everything is, it just “looks” messy.  To you.  Half the time I’m not aware of my surroundings anyway.

Completely second that.

Another interesting thing is that I tend to switch personality types when I’m under a lot of stress or feeling bad in general. I become far less organized and everything seems out of control, I struggle to prioritize and organize (something I’m generally good at), I become very emotional, and I tend to become much more introverted and self-isolate because talking to people is exhausting and overwhelming and often doesn’t pay off. However, that makes me feel worse so that’s a vicious cycle.

Umm, I can basically smell lies, I’m extremely good at catching subtext, I overanalyze everything, I have an overactive imagination, I struggle with anyone being impulsive, I’m very hard on myself and tend to hold myself and the world to ridiculously high standards and end up disappointed.

I hate going into any situation without enough information. Whenever I have to start something new or go somewhere new I will literally spend two or three days reading up on it so I feel prepared.

In conclusion, I’m a walking contradiction, good luck trying to understand me, I don’t even understand me 🙂

Look forward to hearing from everyone else!

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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