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K. A. Grey

@erynne Ooh! nerdy MBTI stuff! I wasn’t tagged but I hope you don’t mind my joining in. 😁

I’m an INFJ,although sometimes I type as INTJ.  The reason being that my thinking/feeling preference is split almost perfectly in half, with only a slight tendency toward feeling. Usually.  Depends on how I’m feeling when I take tests.  Of which I have taken many.😂

friend status: I am usually “adopted” by extrovert friends. 😂  I attend a bible college and I was voted “most introverted” in the yearbook. Although some people said that that title should have gone to someone else, but they were so introverted that no one knew who they were, so yeah. xD Someone said that I should have been named the most popular introvert.  Which is more flattering, I guess. xD I was very shy first semester, but gradually I came to actually enjoy hanging out with more people as time went on. I have a best friend in college, and a really close childhood friend from my church, but I don’t really have a ton of friends outside of college. (I was homeschooled too!) I’m also really close to my sister.

sense of humor:  My humor is often self-deprecating.  Somewhat sarcastic.  And a lot of people don’t really get it, but that’s okay! 😂 My sister and I really get each other, and we have a lot of inside jokes, and 90% of our conversations are references to things that other people would never get, and it’s really fun and awesome.  She’s also the only person that I can genuinely act completely wacky and goofy with, and have no reservations about it. Everyone else only gets glimpses of my humor with one-liners muttered very quietly, which make some people crack up and other people look at me confusedly. xD

saneness: Oh, I appear very sane.  But on the inside….  😏

<i>how emotional you are: </i>I was very sensitive as kid.  Say something even slightly hurtful I would burst into tears. But lately I’ve found myself suppressing my emotions a lot more.  I don’t know if that’s more characteristic of an INFJ or an INTJ, but sometimes I ignore my own feelings to the point that it’s probably unhealthy.

Also, some other things…I’d never admit it in person, but I’m a hopeless romantic.  I’m a realist in terms of daily life, but in my head I’m full of dreams which the realist side of me says will just get crushed.  I’m basically a walking paradox.  I like to say my room and desk is “organized chaos.”  It looks like chaos, but it’s organized in my head, trust me! I know exactly where everything is, it just “looks” messy.  To you.  Half the time I’m not aware of my surroundings anyway.

Um, yeah, so I hope my ramblings were halfway interesting. xD I find personality types fascinating, so I’m gonna follow this thread. In the meantime, if you have any more questions, ask away!

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