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I spent New Year’s Eve with a splitting headache, but the next day was pretty nice. I hope the new year is treating you well too :-}

Oh no, poor thi–*cough cough XDDD*


That’s too bad, but I’m glad it was gone by the next day! <3 <3 <3

Good job defeating recaptcha, lol. Glad you liked the article! Hopefully if you felt attacked that means it sparked a writing idea =P

Lol, yeah! It definitely did! Or at least editing ideas like not trying to rewrite and ‘clean up’ in the middle of writing a draft…although I really really can’t think/write/anything in a liner way like top to bottom, left to right, first to last.

I just started reading with animators they do “keys” and have a set of ‘important’ motions broken down first. Then there’s the smaller motions to enforce the motion with a secondary one. And then the “in-betweens”, and that got me thinking another way I can try to write;

I can write the “key” scenes like the climax and the turning points in character arcs first, with the “secondary” scenes that set them up and lend more of the emotional impact and provide some of the key context. Then I go in for the “in-betweens” that connect the plot line and spend time investing in the audience connection with the setting, characters and thematic questions. It’ll ALL be messy and I’ll have to “clean up” EVERY scene when I finish but I’ll force me to have a clearer idea of the plot so I’m hoping that’ll give me a more holistic instead of perfectionistic view of my WIP…

So it sparked that! I hope that’s a good idea I know I’ve had worse…😁

SHE HATH PREVAILED!!! *thunderous applause by the masses* XD

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! *gives exaggerated bow. topples over.*

The goal is “good enough,” rather than perfection. Oof, my mind doesn’t like that line! XD But you called out one of my biggest problems: getting stuck getting each paragraph absolutely perfect instead of moving on. I like how you pointed out that sometimes a “pretty paragraph” might actually need to be cut, but we don’t realize it cause we spent so much time and effort on it.

True dat true dat XD



*Reads everything on Medium and YT and files it away intrigued…*

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