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Joshua Scheele


Welcome to the crew!

I want to say I started in 2019. 2020, some very drastic things happened. My private Christian middle school turned to virtual, my two boxers died, and, of course, COVID. Late 2021 I got a poem idea and have been trying to figure that out. I’m terrified of posting what I have here. I am a tiny bit afraid of you all. Sorry about that mess. I don’t know what I want to do with writing, or what I want out of writing. I’m going to keep trying and attempting.

It was not until the past couple of years that I embraced my interest of writing my own fantasy novel series. I honestly hated writing until then. XD The one thing that really pushed me to like it was due to my job. On a normal day, I write about 2,000-10,000 words and eventually got itch to write things I enjoy. However, It is hard for me to keep up due to how much stress my job creates. I have learned to always seize that joy and victory whenever I manage to go the extra mile. XD

I did write a bit when I was in highschool but never shared because I was afraid of criticism. However, God has shown me that my creativity is gift to be shared and through trial and error, I will improve and write for His glory.

Feel free to tag me as well on what you post. I am also trying to learn poetry so I can include it in my story for storytelling, songs, and mystery.


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