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Yes, I’m willing to help if you’d like!  I’m interested in some of these issues myself, so I’m curious to see how you presented them in fiction.  I should probably let you know beforehand though, that I consider myself to be very conservative in my beliefs, so if I don’t eye-to-eye with you on some topics, I’ll still try to be respectful of your stances.  And yes, I agree that lgbtq people should be treated with respect and dignity as human beings, even if we don’t agree with their beliefs.  As a Christian, I can’t condone their behavior, but I’m not gonna blast them all to H-E-double-hockey-sticks either.  I think this community needs to be reached with God’s love if they’re ever going to see who God created and designed them to be. This community seems to have a lot of confused, hurting people who don’t know who they are anymore, because the world tells them they can be anything, while at the same time pressuring them to become something they were never meant to be.  As for representing these people in fiction, I think great care needs to be taken when writing from a Christian perspective.  I don’t think they should be held up as our role models, but I also think that done carefully, they can show the brokenness of humanity and our need for a Savior just as much as any other character regardless of gender identity, race, etc. Because we all need Jesus.

Totally noted! I’ve gotten a lot of different perspectives to read my drafts to “test everything, accept what is true” or something like that I’m really bad at remembering verses XDD. *Also spent a stupid amount of time not getting H-E double hockeysticks. EVEN THO I’VE USED THAT EXPRESSION BEFORE!!!!*

I totally get your perspective that they shouldn’t be held up as role models but just think a moment: no one’s ever fazed when we have an MC that’s a bounty-hunter, assassin, playboy, vixen, etc any time of serious sinful behavior/profession because it’s normalized or we anticipate a character arc that’ll change that, and we love these antiheroes like Han Solo who was canonically a drug dealer in StarWars. But we get scared when there’s an openly queer character, but what about Peppermint Patty in the Peanuts? She was my favorite character (ok I can’t decide between her and Snoopy!) in the Peanuts and had huge nonbinary vibes and her friend, Marci, respected that and called her ‘sir ‘(*pls pls tell me I wasn’t the only bewildered little kid wondering whether it was ‘safe’ to ship her and Marci instead of her and Charlie Brown XDDDDD*)

So, I don’t really think it’s so much that we wanna take so much care with representation or not want a queer character as a role mole as much as we don’t want to fall in love with a character and feel guilty about it because that character’s actions are condoned and they’re so fun and identifiable we hardly even want them to change. I think that’s what most people are against more.

With my characters I want there to be a clear distinction between action and identity; accepting who they are, not what they do about it. I want my queer characters to be very identifiable and loveable because who would you rather listen to: someone who demands you change and hold up to the same bar as everyone else or someone who says ‘I understand what you’re going through and that you can’t be like everyone else, I want you to be the best you you can be but don’t do this because this is better for you.’? I love how Jesus became Man and human in everything but sin and I want to give that kind of representation for queer people; not what not to do but what you can do and still be Christian, and why these things aren’t right.

So, among other things, that’s what I’d like to convey; it might seem best at first but there’s a lot of consequences and there is a better way. Did you know lgbtq+ is more common with people who are on the Asperger’s’/Autistic Spectrum or ADHD or something neurodiverse like that? It makes it almost, if not entirely, impossible to connect the same way as other people and that’s a thing that’s gotta be addressed. They can’t connect like other people and that makes them outcast in most circles of society and society’s lazy and tells them to just announce their gender and sexuality or whatever to conform as close as possible and they’re never given a better option; that’s the best they can expect by society’s terms all too often!

So there’s gonna be a give and a take with that representation in my story…XD


I’m gonna need my next set of beta readers starting Nov 7, 2022 I think. But I a lot of people get inactive on SE when things get crazy and I’m gonna use a “email chapter by chapter updates as I write” system, so do you want to email me at fantasywriter2018@outlook.com now so I have your email, or see where things stand for you by November and hand me your email then if you still like the idea?

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