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Josie M


I am attempting to start the story in a medieval fantasy/steampunk age that will progress over the time of story with the discovery of inventions and re-discoveries of technology that will progress to a star wars like era. It will tell the tale of a journey of survival and expansion to the stars in pursuit of peace and prosperity.

Medieval…steampunk…Star Wars…I like the sound of this 🙂



I like old country songs, the kind that existed before modern country music and also folk cultural music from other cultures. I enjoy history and find it fun listening to cultural folk music that have a historical importance showing the characteristics of the culture.

Before modern country…you mean songs like “The Crawdad Song” or “Old Dan Tucker”? Those are fun 🙂 I like other culture’s folk too. You can learn about a culture through its music and art. Old folktales and legends can be fun too…and often rather odd XD


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