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Yeah I’m trying to get along with writing now. We’ll see if I can become friends with it. It’s going to be just like timing with piano.

Exactly! Writing gets easier the longer you do it, the first 20k words were the hardest I ever wrote.

Oh, it’s so cool that you play the piano! I play the Celtic harp! What kind of music do you like to play? (And timing is the worst XD I cannot keep rythym unless I count but I can’t count and play at the same time XD)

What’s the YA side of things, and what’s YA in general?

YA is just the short form of Young Adult, just like MG is the shortened version of Middle-grade! Both are technically publishing labels, but we use it to refer to the target audience you’re writing for. Young Adult is marketed to teenagers from 13-18, roughly, though a lot of adults read YA. Middle-grade is a bit younger, though the line is really blurry.

So, that’s just a way of saying my current WIP (Work in progress, the project I’m currently writing on) is aimed toward teenagers.

Um I really like Andrew Peterson and the Wing feather Saga. I can’t remember anything else off the top of my head. I will get back to you.

That’s cool! I never heard of that series before I joined SE, but everyone on here seems to have read it XD Don’t be surprised if you find people who have “Thwapling” and “Igiby” in their username XD

I only read the first book, but it was fun!

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