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Joshua Scheele


Space?! Okay, now I’m curious What’s your WIP about?

I am attempting to start the story in a medieval fantasy/steampunk age that will progress over the time of story with the discovery of inventions and re-discoveries of technology that will progress to a star wars like era. It will tell the tale of a journey of survival and expansion to the stars in pursuit of peace and prosperity.

I got it from Amazon. I haven’t shot it much yet, but it seems pretty sturdy. I use carbon fiber arrows (also from Amazon).

Nice! I got mine from Amazon too

I like old country songs, the kind that existed before modern country music and also folk cultural music from other cultures. I enjoy history and find it fun listening to cultural folk music that have a historical importance showing the characteristics of the culture.

Objects and weapons are so hard to draw! How good are you with them? My swords tend to look like they were designed by a five year-old XD[/quote]

I used to be really good at designing blades because that is all I ever drew. However, I got rusty to where they do look 5 yr old drawings now. XD

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