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Thanks   I’m planning on seven books. Favorite part…well, I guess it would be the learning. It’s kinda weird, but we really can learn a lot about life while writing.

Oh, absolutely. I’ve found I often end up writing the things I’m struggling with. It’s easier to work out your problems through three layers of metaphor and a character XD

Africa? Cool! Most books are more inspired by European or Celtic cultures (guilty). What parts of the African culture inspired you? How does the culture show up in your story?

Mostly the MENA region (Middle east and North Africa), and as I said, it’s a medieval setting.

So, the country has a tribal system with seven tribes (absolutely modeled after the twelve tribes of Israel XD) Each one rules themselves, but they often cooperate or clash.

A few of the tribes are based on the Amazigh and Bedouin nations, while some of the others have a more classical Alexandria feeling, and others have more Northern/Western influences, based on region, and there are tribes that are closer to sub-Saharan Africa. So, there’s a wide range because I didn’t want it to be one homogenous culture.

I used as much of the clothing, weapons, jewelry, food, and music as I could find for the different cultures, which was very fun but incredibly hard to research since the sources are in languages I don’t understand XD Because that area isn’t written about as much, researching is harder.

Besides that, the cultures do have some fantasy elements, partially because it’s fun to write and partially to glue the plot together XD

It’s generally more to the side of Historical Fantasy, it doesn’t have magic/special abilities or fantasy creatures.

Really?! It’s so good!

Thank you! It took a really long time since I don’t often draw animals, but I’m really happy with it!

Haha! Yeah. Most people don’t know what it is. When I was talking to my sister about wanting to try it, she said I was a rare kind of nerd girl Lol Guess you are too

Absolutely I am. XD LOL, everyone who gets into HEMA is a nerd XD You should hear the discussions we have while waiting beforehand or packing up afterward. Latin pronounciation, Carthiginian forces, Medieval France and dueling laws in the twelfth century, any historical show that came out, you name it. Everyone there is a history nerd. XD

If you get the opportunity to try it out, I highly recommend it! It’s incredibly fun!

Ah yes. The plague   Longswords?! Sword fighting looks so fun!!!

It IS!!! It’s awesome, I enjoy everything about it! It’s also great excercise, it’s the most exhausting sport I’ve ever done. (Which isn’t saying much though XD)


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