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Josie M


Exactly and another part to that is that lesson that I feel is most important, especially now, is what defines right and wrong, ourselves or a greater example.

Yes, very important!


Yeah I am not sure if they would be cute but definitely someone you want on your side both in peace and war. It is a lot of creatures/races with many sub-groups. My WIP is set up to be a long series with many side stories and it expands across the planet and eventually into space. It just felt fitting to have a good variety. XD

Space?! Okay, now I’m curious 🙂 What’s your WIP about?


Indeed! I am new to poetry. Do you have any resources or inspirations for your poetry?

Sorry, but not really. I learn most things through writing sites…like this one 🙂 For inspiration…anything can inspire, you just gotta keep your eyes open 😉 The Bible and nature often inspire my poetry.


I have always wanted to get into hema but no places are near me.

I know that feeling…


Where did you get your horse bow from? I have one too but it seems like it was not made well. Also what kind of arrows do you use?

I got it from Amazon. I haven’t shot it much yet, but it seems pretty sturdy. I use carbon fiber arrows (also from Amazon).


Nice, they are good. I prefer classical, soundtrack orchestra and folk music.

What kind of folk music?


I am starting with character sketches first but I aim to do more designing of objects are weapons, mechs, ships both sailing and space ships XD I also enjoy designing castles and fantasy/scifi cities.

Objects and weapons are so hard to draw! How good are you with them? My swords tend to look like they were designed by a five year-old XD


You are never so broken to no longer grow;
Never so wise that there's no more to know.

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