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Josie M


That plot sounds really intriguing! How many books are you planning for the series? Are you writing it in third or first person? What’s your outlining process? As you can see, my interest is very much sparked. 🙂

Glad you like it 🙂 I’m planning on seven books…well, it was originally supposed to be a stand alone, but…that didn’t happen 🙂 It’s in third person. That way I can give a look into each of the more important characters’ minds. Outlining…yeah…I do that…Not really 🙂 I usually just write out random scenes/ideas and build from there.


I’m currently managing beta readers and beta reader feedback for a medieval action adventure stand alone novel I wrote, but my main WIP is medieval intrigue adventure series. I’m nearly done with the brainstorming and outlining for book 1 and the basic gist of the rest of the series. I hope to start writing it next week. The series follows a group of characters who are traveling around trying to find and stop a mysterious force that seems to be behind myriad events and conflicts throughout Europe (I need to work on my book blurbs, I know). It’s set in a historical time, but most events and characters are completely fictional.

Sounds interesting 🙂 Most are fictional? So there are real ones too?


I’ve pretty much only tried basic drawing and art, mainly because I would like to create art that I can then animate in some adobe program.

Animate…like into a show? Because there are programs you can use to design characters to animate without having to draw them.


Nice, do you use Photoshop?

Nope. I use an editor by Serif. It’s a little outdated, but the newer systems don’t seem to have improved much so…*shrugs*


What’s your favorite country song and favorite metal song? Yeah, most people haven’t heard the Ocarina. xD What is your business?

Hmm…favorites are hard to choose!!! I’ve always liked “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw. For metal…I’ll go with “What I Believe” by Skillet. And no business. I meant busyness. Sorrys!


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