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Joy C. Woodbury


Oh, it’s just the best when that happens! I love when characters just grow by themselves and become the most interesting characters! They’re even better than the characters who just appear in a spark of inspiration and stay the same all the way through.

I know, right?!? I definitely agree!

In the summer months the sun sets so late that I can’t write on Saturdays anyway, and in the winter it’s the same for friday.

Same! #sabbathcrew, am I right? XD

My resolution/plan is to finish this next novel in three months, which doesn’t sound like a lot but consistency is the thing I struggle with most, so it’s kind of a challenge that direction.

That’s a good plan! No, believe me, that IS a lot. Three months is pretty fast to finish a whole novel.

On the vein of resolutions, I’ve got something to admit. I decided not to start the first book in my Life of Sacrifice Series quite yet… because something sort of interrupted the plan. XD Suddenly I remembered a story idea I had a few months back and I felt an urge to explore it again. Long story short, I’m now working on a historical fiction novella that I’m aiming to finish by February. It’s called Where Faith Remains (title may be subject to change). But yeah. XD

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