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Paul’s oldest nephew, Reuben, was actually meant to be just a side character originally, but he outgrew his role SO much. Now his storyline is easily competing for the most intense, which I NEVER saw coming. Honestly, it was kind of the same for both nephews. Seth was meant to be a side character originally too, but now he’s one of the main characters, the third book is named after him, he has a POV in the third book, and tbh he’s my favorite character. I just love him XD I’m looking forward to writing his book, Seth: Anointed, the most.

Oh, it’s just the best when that happens! I love when characters just grow by themselves and become the most interesting characters! They’re even better than the characters who just appear in a spark of inspiration and stay the same all the way through.

Awesome!! Should we make a New Year’s resolution to write every day?

Tbh I don’t know if I could hold up my end of that resolution. XD I’m always so insanely busy and the days disappear before I know it, haha. But maybe I could try, and take a few days off in January when I go up to my academy’s junior-senior Bible camp and don’t have any Internet. XD

LOL, I absolutely couldn’t do it XD In the summer months the sun sets so late that I can’t write on Saturdays anyway, and in the winter it’s the same for friday. Besides that I just genuinely don’t have that kind of determination.

My resolution/plan is to finish this next novel in three months, which doesn’t sound like a lot but consistency is the thing I struggle with most, so it’s kind of a challenge that direction.

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