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WHY ARE YOU GUYS DOING THIS TO ME THEY’RE BOTH SO GOOD I CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After rereading and thinking and thinking I think I’m going to vote on a very narrow margin on @emily-waldorf; because I think it told more of the story with all the details included. There’s three kids, the oldest has assumed the responsibility of taking care of her siblings and it’s not going over well because the entire family dynamic has changed, implicitly over the more or less recent loss of their mom and she’s trying much too hard to fill that void while dealing with her own grief. The last sentence really helped “explain” their argument while leaving plenty of the story to the readers’ imagination.

’s was very interesting and engaging. Her characters were had plenty of personality and relatability. They apparently going on a journey after some recent trauma and struggling to work as a team. The only reason I didn’t pick this one as the winner was that I didn’t know why they needed the books whereas Emily’s argument was more explained. That and Emily’s final sentence with the little boy running off in tears because the oldest reminded him of their mom was more relevant to the narrative than a broken vase.

That said, they were both so good I had a very, very hard time choosing. Bravo to both!!!

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