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K. A. Grey

@this-is-not-an-alien I’ll be the other judge! I might tag Noah to be a backup judge later too.

@erynne @calidris @joelle-stone @winter_rose @anyoneelse

Hey, do you want to join this prompt?

The dealine is tomorrow night. Preferably. 500 words or less, and no peeking at the other contestant’s work until you submit your own.

Here’s the original prompt in case you missed it:

Write an argument with at least three characters taking part in the argument.

Describe the room or location where the argument is taking place in well.

Have at least one character who starts to lose control of their emotions during the argument (or does lose control of them)

Show introspection from the PoV character about their argument (and why they’re right) and introspection on the other two+ participates and their arguments.


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