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Hi Crazy Cathy! 🙂 I’m crazy too. We should get along nicely 🙂

Perfect! I’m always on the lookout for a couple more crazy friends, crazy friends aren’t boring ;)!

What kind of art do you do? Oooh songwriting! That’s so much fun! Do you put music behind the lyrics? That’s the hardest part for me.

Usually Manga, I like foreshortening and energetic poses especially. I also do scenery but I have figured out how to do both in one picture yet without it looking like somebody’s ratty yarn yacked up by a cat 🙀 (this is my new favorite emoji btw XD) Here’s a sketch of one of my OTPs and a colored work of their world:

(well…I was going to but it won’t load…XD)

hbu? What kinda art do you do?


Do I put music behind the lyrics? LOL NO! Ok, lol, I haven’t yet, I have plans for it I have music for it it’s like my art I can do the instruments (kinda) and I can do the songs but I can’t do them both together yet; that’s my latest project with music for @storysmith’s story but I just recently was talking to one of my friends and she was like “oh I always wanted to do the background music for songs.” and I’m like “Perfect you’re hired!!!” idk where that’s gonna go but she’s top of her class in music she’s also twelve so…should be fun either way (:

But I do plan to learn how. Once I procrastinate it a little more 😉

Soo…what music do you play, do you ever record yourself, can I hear a sample of your work? *big puppy eyes that haven’t worked on @erynne or @noah-cochran or @rose-colored-fancy*

Very true…we are our own worst critic.


Yes! Pointy shinies! I loves them 🙂 And throwing knives…well, I’m a total beginner. But I never miss the target…it just dodges my knives 😀 But…it’s still fun to try. I really only started because my sister gave me a set of knives last Christmas and since I have several characters who use them, I figured I may as well learn how to use them myself 🙂 BTW, they are much safer than kitchen knives!!!

Me *eyes butterknives and the downstairs basement I can bedeck with pillows* Mmm, pointy shinies…

LOL, mean target you should go up and wack it on the head!

That is so cool tho!!! Awesome sister!!! Yeah my brother got my sister two katanas one Christmas and I’m so jealous 😂

Trust me Cathy, I’m a bad drawer, like, it’s not even worth mentioning that I know what drawing is bad. But hey, if it’s not something I ever get into, I’ll just recruit one of the dozen people I know that are good at it. xD

I want evidence if I’m to believe you’re a bad drawer I shalt not trust the judgement of the person who designed the art in question unless I see it with my own eyes. 😉

I think I write it because I need to convince myself of it XD

Oof I feel attacked by this!!

Yep, but hatchets, throwing spears, and archery still need a lot of progress. Axes are easy once you become good at splitting wood or cutting down trees. I have also gotten into sword sparring with my friends. I have always wanted to get into hema but no places are near me. I like hand n half swords but single-handed swords like the gladius are my favorite.



*But my mom won’t even let me buy a gun, it’s like she doesn’t trust me☹️…*

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