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K. A. Grey

@erynne Okay! I’m interested in how similar Emma’s and mine will be, and how many we got right.

Yes, I’m conservative in my beliefs too! Wait, did I reply to the right thread? *scurries off to check*  Okay, I did, whew.😂

Also, yes, I guess I do! Of course, I have never thought to myself, ” Hmm, I really love government-control stories,” but now that I think about it, I kinda do enjoy them. xD One of my favorite books is the Giver by Lois Lowry.  Also, I like the ideas in 1984 and Animal Farm, never actually read the books, but I watched some old black-and-white films with my dad, and they kinda stuck with me.  Especially 1984, which feels eerily too close to today’s society.  I also want to get around to read the Hunger Games, and the Handmaid’s Tale seems like it has an interesting premise, but I don’t want to start reading it because there’s probably too much iffy stuff that I don’t think it’s worth getting into. 😂

Yeah, sorry, I get really random too…

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