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Maybe one thing I’ve noticed from what little I’ve read/seen of sci-fi is that there isn’t a need to address the existence of God like there can be in Fantasy. Not that people can’t create fantasy worlds that have no blatant God-figure, (I’ve seen that several times) but there’s almost always some sort of Supreme power/being that exists. (power of love in Harry Potter, magical words in Eragon besides please, the spirits in the movie Spirited Away, etc.)

Advances in technology are dependent somewhat on man, versus mysterious powers/magic that’s existed for ages past that is dependent on an outer source of power. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems almost like Sci-fi has greater license to put dependability on man v. dependability on God, making it an attractive genre to the secular audience? Also, what ways would work to incorporate a God-figure in a sci-fi? Especially if it’s in the real world?

Maybe it’s also less popular because from what I can gather most Christian/conservative young adults and teens (if they’ve grown up in Christian homes) might have a higher exposure and familiarity with Fantasy?

Also, like you all said, in many regards (especially when constrained to a more realistic world structure) it is a fairly challenging genre to write in… especially for me with my fantasy bent.  My sci-fi — I think — barely qualifies for the genre. I have more of a focus on society and relational problems than exploring AI, Aliens, or something along those lines.

I know that for me I get a little stumped figuring out a sci-fi as a new and unfamiliar genre that also has a really cool aesthetic I want to explore. Also, I have a sci-fi rookie question: Does it count as sci-fi if the story doesn’t take place in our universe?

I’m not an authority on speculative fiction really, I mean, I’m pretty decent with fantasy stuff, but not really with sci-fi stuff.

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