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Andrew Schmidt


Hi there. Thank you. I appreciate your concern. But I don’t believe I have full-blown ADHD. About three years ago, I had to talk to this person (I think she was a psychologist or counselor; my memory is a little blurry) before I could work at this job, just for a checkup. According to her written document, I had “obsessive-compulsive and inattentive traits combined with a mild math disability.” But I did not qualify for a complete 100% OCD or ADHD diagnosis.

My life is by no means perfect, but I am a pretty happy person overall. And a very active person with a very active imagination at that. When I am not physically active (for instance, driving a car or working out at the gym) I am always mentally active. Even if I am not writing a story, I am always thinking deeply about something, even to the point where I am not paying attention to what is happening around me. If you saw me, I would appear to be a very calm, quiet person with a somewhat blank stare – but my head is roaring on the inside. I am not shy; I just internalize things a lot.

I’m sorry, I live in Pierceton close to Warsaw, in the U.S. State of Indiana. I’m not Polish, I’m American. But hey, that was my fault for not clarifying that. It’s all good.

Good point on journaling there. I actually journal in a certain notebook from time to time, but I’ll begin doing it more frequently.

If you are at all familiar with MBTI and the 16 personality types, I am an ISFP. ISFPs in general are very spontaneous and, many of them are easily distractible and usually attention spans are not their strong points (although there are always exceptions).  While the 16 personality types are only a basic outline of each type, I have found they can explain certain particular behaviors. However, with time any type can grow and overcome difficult obstacles.


Oh, I’m sorry. Needing sleep is… ouch. When I lose even a couple hours of sleep, my whole demeanor can change in the day to come in rapid motion. When I get my sleep, I can be extremely happy and energetic. When I am tired, however, I can become somewhat withdrawn and… more emotional, maybe? Such emotions are usually experienced internally, and rarely do others take notice if I am upset. But that’s alright with me.

Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
Me: "Write every inch of your future."

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