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Emma Walker


1) Name: umm…. hm, this is probably wrong but the name Jack comes to mind 🤷

Lol right.

2) Age: erm… 19?

He’s eighteen, the oldest of our superhero kiddos.

3) Career/Role in Story: he’s a protagonist and the love interest of a cute twin named Jessica

Lol like I said, he’s one of seven kids that has this microchip thing that gives him superpowers. His power is super speed, which he discovers he has during a math test. *nods*

While I know you ship Jessi, he actually has a crush on Vea, and I ship neither. I ship him with his roommates sister, because, now listen this is great, she also has these superpowers, but they are enemies, and fight each other but don’t realize it. Then later he is patching himself up from the battle and his roommate is helping, but the sister shows up also with wounds (her excuse is an explosion in the lab), and so the brother also has to patch her up, and neither know they have superpowers or are enemies and it’s great.

This is my cousin’s description of him:

Jack- oldest, introvert, fast, can juggle, doesn’t think he has a crush on anybody but actually fancies Veronica until Jessica comes into the picture. in conclusion if it doesn’t have a tail it’s not a monkey it’s an ape.

4) Personality: nice, quiet, kinda shy unless he’s with “the guys” he’s also loyal and very sweet

Yeah pretty much XD since he’s the oldest he kinda has to be the dad of the group. But yeah he’s so sweet.

5) Would you be friends with that character?: yes!!

Me toooooo

6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: he’s a jock

Actually I don’t think he is, but maybe he just pretends to be.

7) What would this character’s nickname be? Why?: Jessica secretly calls him Jacky but he doesn’t know that

Hahaha yeah.

8) Character’s greatest strength: he notices things really well and knowing you, probably flies or something

No a different one on the team flies XD I think he notices things real well tho.

9) Character’s fatal flaw: he is gullible

Most likely lol

10) Phrase that this character is likely to say: “been there done that got the t-shirt”

I love that.

11) Character’s favorite color(s): Orange

Hm maybe.

12) Characters family status (parents alive? any siblings or other close family members?): parents yes, no siblings but he’s got a younger cousin he’s incredibly protective of and he also considers his closest friends his family

I actually thought you were right but it turns out his parents are divorced and he has five step siblings.

13) Single or taken?: He and Jessica better get together at some point.

Yeah, maybe, idk about that. XP

14) Characters children (if any?): lol, yeah right

I mean not biologically, but like I said he’s the dad of the group so it’s like all his friends are his kids almost, if that doesn’t sound weird.

15) Characters hobbies: basketball, performing card tricks, and drawing dragons in the margins of his notebook

Hm maybe. He apparently can juggle, too.

16) Greatest fear: real dragons….

Lol yeah maybe XD

17) Dreams and Aspirations: to discover something huge like a country or something

Maybe a different character, I feel Jack is more simple in his dreams.

18) Darkest Secret: he licks the icing off pop tarts then puts them back into the box 😱😱😱😱😱😱

Oh.My.Goodness.Gravy. That’s so weird XD I’m not denying it though. I must confer with my partner on that one.

But for real I think he is holding someone hostage *nods* yup, he’d totally do that

Hm. Idts.

19) Peculiarities: he’s always running his fingers through his hair and he winks any time he tells a joke or picks on someone (I’m liking him and LOVE it when dudes wink so make him wink please)

Lolol there’s two more dudes I have that could do that XD Jack is like the sweet and quiet one.


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