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Noah Cochran


First off, you were right, the character was a young woman named Talia.

However, and I should mention all three of you @k-a-grey @erynne @emily-waldorf here too, my crazy mind told me that I was not only supposed to not use gender-specific pronouns, but that I was also supposed to intentionally obfuscate what their gender was. So I proceeded to write a piece that intentionally tried to hide that the character was a girl. So Erynne and Emily, it was a girl not a boy, Grey and Cathy were right, but forgive my delusions.

I’m glad you judges liked my writing though! I’m honored.

Weelp!!! I guess that makes you the winner @noah-cochran!!! 🥳🥳🥳CONGRADULATIONS AND NOW YOU HAVE TO THROW OUT A NEW PROMPT FOR NEW PARTICIPATES!!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳 T’was an honor to do battle! *sweeping bow*

Thanks, I enjoyed it. It got my writing juices flowing, and I’m going to need them as I get back into it this week.

I suppose I can come up with a new prompt if you really want me to, but I won’t be able to enter–busy life and all.


Congrats, Noah! Honestly, if I wasn’t competing, I would have voted for you myself too. 😂 Yes, please post a new prompt for us, we await your challenge.

Thanks! I appreciate! I enjoyed yours as well.

Alright, here’s a prompt, but I won’t be able to enter myself, y’all have fun though. I’ll check back sometime to see what happened. Prompt:

Write an argument with at least three characters taking part in the argument.

Describe the room or location where the argument is taking place in well.

Have at least one character who starts to lose control of their emotions during the argument (or does lose control of them)

Show introspection from the PoV character about their argument (and why they’re right) and introspection on the other two+ participates and their arguments

There ya go! Have fun y’all!

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