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I actually would have guessed male? 😬 🤷🏻‍♀️  But if you’re going for a genderfluid person with a lot of obvious emotional trauma, well done. xD I want to hear more about your WIP. So what influenced you to tackle this subject from a Christian perspective?  What’s your novel’s premise?

LOL!! In that scene she was presenting as male, in the flashback she was presenting as female even though she usually fights as a man because a child was involved and momma-bear was activated XD

My WIP is a high-fantasy psychological thriller about a fugitive prince, Alessio, with Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder born with pyrokinesis at time where people with special powers are a hated subclass due to a recent time past where these people were highly respected kinda superheroes but some of them inevitably abused their powers and were overthrown entirely (…long story there XD) There plot is a web of puzzles slowly digging into Alessio’s mysterious past and disappearance from his home kingdom at fourteen even as we follow Alessio’s desperate journey following a trail of historical remnants to find a lost Temple for his own last-hope plan while trying to stay one step ahead of an occult secret-guild bent on his capture.

Primarily, the themes revolve around addressing trauma and abuse, particularly psychological abuse, and self-injury. It plans to dig into what’s right and wrong under high duress, what is love vs manipulation, co-dependency, and emotional abuse, and how does someone realistically recover from that kind of trauma? It explores the value of every life, it explores choice and respect for other peoples’ decisions poking at the question how far do you respect someone’s choices even if they’re hurting themselves as well as how far do you take trying to save someone who doesn’t choose to be saved?

I’ve been asked before why I tackle this subject and I always end up giving a slightly different answer because I don’t really know, it just came very naturally…

I started this story when I was thirteen and struggling with depression and anxiety. I just started writing I didn’t outline or anything I just wrote every day obsessively because it got a lot of my issues out of my system and articulated what was going on in my head. It began with a bounty-hunter being the MC but I ended up pouring a lot more of my soul into Alessio and developing him more and as I got older I started to realize a lot of my characters were actually kinda queer and people I knew were beginning to “come out” to me and I was always having trouble connecting with other girls; I tend to feel very guyish around girls and girly around guys and I want very deep connections with other people but I don’t get crushes and don’t have any interest in romance. Turns out I’m some brand of asexual nonbinary which I’m pretty cool with, it’s not like I wanna change my pronouns or anything lol.

So the characters kinda developed naturally and I just started researching it for no real reason except everyone talked about it and I can’t abide just “having an opinion” I have to own it I have to research every angle and prove it to me before I can talk about it. So that happened, it was kinda off and on I don’t actually devote hours to studying every random thi–no wait, actually I do, I do devote hours to studying every random belief that qualifies as a “core” belief or else I can’t accept it I physically can’t.

Then my best friend started supporting lgbtq+ and renounced Christianity. We had some…we’d already been having some rough patches and we struggled for a while and right now we agreed to keep some distance for a while…

So I’ve had a lot of exposure to those ideas and I’m pretty critical of both sides of the argument; on the one side this idea that people in the lgbtq+ community are somehow less moral or less human or real than other people. And on the other side that this is the way things should be because it’s something that happens. I don’t believe trying to change gender is truthful or that same-sex marriages are marriages. But all to often it’s an “us and them” scenario, so much stereotyping and hate on both sides really. It’s something I’m grappling with; so it’s something I write 🙂


Oh, actually I was just wrapping up a round of beta alpha-reading for the first part of this draft. I’m gonna work with the feedback I’ve gotten and redraft “Act 1” and I’ll want another couple readers…optimistically next March but very possibly not until next Christmas. But if you want, I can jot down your name for that and tell you when it’s ready?

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