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Andrew Schmidt


Thanks for the advice!

I believe I tend to be the writer, who when they have too many ideas, try to jam too many ideas into one story. I’ve been getting better at cutting off and reducing excess language and unnecessary description, but somehow extra and unnecessary “story ideas” just leap out of my head and seep into the page on the screen, especially when my brain is burnt out.

I tell myself a lot that just because I have an idea, I don’t have to write about it. Likely, someone already has written about. For instance, there is no reason I should have a random kid show up in my story snacking on rainbow sherbet when, in fact, not only is such a picture unnecessary, but rainbow sherbet has also likely already been written about in books about ice cream, or even in articles online or in Wikipedia. Now, there is nothing wrong with inserting vivid detail in a story – that is what makes a story come to life, after all – however, I believe inserting imagery just because something exists that you want to write about will only distract from the original intent of a storyline.

I have struggled with info dumping before. Combined with an endless supply of ideas – a lot that are, however, also bad ideas – and a keen eye for detail, depth, and complexity in everything that surrounds me, by which I am easily distracted, I tend to consume vast amounts of sensory data and, when I try to translate this sensory data to written words, that’s where I sometimes mess. But like I said before, I’m improving in this area regarding writing.


Your tips are also appreciated! 😀

I’m not sure about you, but I’m homeschooled. That means a lot more time alone. There is nothing wrong with that, and I enjoy it actually, but when I spend too much time alone, and too much time writing, my head gets a little manic on the inside and I can become slightly obsessive over every detail or idea that flitters through my mind.

But you’re right, I do need to keep my sanity. Sometimes I need to just get out and talk to people, go for a walk, or take a spontaneous drive through Warsaw – activities like these usually help ease the inner tension inside my head.

If you don’t find this question intrusive at all… have you ever actually almost lost your sanity before, to even a minor degree? I wouldn’t exactly say I have lost my sanity before, but sometimes I can get so hyper focused on a project, so aware of every little detail in the story and of how it all looks, that because I am so “hyper focused” I may feel very absent from the outside world, or if not entirely absent, very distracted – but only for a couple moments. I just asked this question because I was curious.

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