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K. A. Grey

@noah-cohran Oh, and tell us if we were right.  I would have guessed girl, too.

Yup, mine was a female.

 Ooh, that would explain a lot. 😮

The character is a gender-fluid girl (okok, my current WIP addresses a lot of gender dysphoria and sexual divergence through a Christian perspective so I wanted to test to see if my queer character were still well-rounded and identifiable so I didn’t fall into stereotyping and ruin the authenticity of the themes XD)

I actually would have guessed male? 😬 🤷🏻‍♀️  But if you’re going for a genderfluid person with a lot of obvious emotional trauma, well done. xD

I want to hear more about your WIP. So what influenced you to tackle this subject from a Christian perspective?  What’s your novel’s premise?


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