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K. A. Grey

@noah-cochran Congrats, Noah! Honestly, if I wasn’t competing, I would have voted for you myself too. πŸ˜‚ Yes, please post a new prompt for us, we await your challenge.

Β Yes, since at least two judges agree, I’d say the judging is final and this contest is officially over! Thank you to you and Erynne. If you were tagged to be a judge, and haven’t responded, well, you snooze you lose I guess…😜 Sorry, that’s kinda snarky.

Anyway, @calidris , @erynne , @Emma-walker , @Emily-waldorf , whoever else, do you want to join in this next one? Β  I don’t know if I myself will have time to join, but I’ll definitely be willing to a judge!

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