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Scifi asks explicit questions about the nature of existence and humanity. Christians tend to believe we have easy answers to all those questions in the Bible, so why bother writing scifi stories to ask those questions?

This is a very decent point that comes to the core of the answer, at least from where I sit. Sci-fi is a place to ask questions that we have to use imagination to find answers for. What will a space WWII look like? Star Wars 4-6. What would it mean if we aren’t alone in the universe? History Channel @ 11:30pm.

For instance, I don’t believe in aliens, but does that mean I can’t include them in fiction? I tend to think I can. Fiction is, by definition, not real.

. This right here is a fantastic viewpoint on writing. We have control over what we do and don’t write. The author’s moral compass influences this but it’s also down to personal convictions. Some Christian writers don’t like to even use the word “magic” because it brings to mind evil powers as described in the Bible, and that’s perfectly fine. Others use the same word and they have no moral issues with it. It’s down to each writer what they feel okay about using.

I think the reason I tend to think of most, as to why more Christian Sci-fi doesn’t exist, is that it’s not nearly as easy to build a God-centered sci-fi novel as it is a fantasy one. And that’s okay. Authors will be passionate about their projects and if it’s upsetting to write a narrative that doesn’t have God at the center, they certainly won’t go through the mental pain just to “have done it.” Obviously we make what we do for His glory ultimately, but personal comfort and conviction lie very deep and very early in the writing process as well.

Perhaps a better approach to my question would have been to post in a different thread something like “Why do you feel more comfortable writing genre than you do Sci-fi?” Perhaps I won’t find a decent answer. But at least we can agree that aliens are the best part of late-night television.

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