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Joshua Scheele


That’s an important theme…and relevant to today. Too often, people back down when what’s right comes at a cost. But it’s worth it, because we know God rewards those who stand strong for him.

Exactly and another part to that is that lesson that I feel is most important, especially now, is what defines right and wrong, ourselves or a greater example.

Badger-people?! That sounds cute…or terrifying. I’m not sure 20 originals? Wow!

Yeah I am not sure if they would be cute but definitely someone you want on your side both in peace and war. It is a lot of creatures/races with many sub-groups. My WIP is set up to be a long series with many side stories and it expands across the planet and eventually into space. It just felt fitting to have a good variety. XD

Totally makes sense. I do the same thing. Poetry adds a little spice to stories…and can help show culture. I mean, what culture doesn’t have poetry/songs of some sort?

Indeed! I am new to poetry. Do you have any resources or inspirations for your poetry?

Whoa! That’s an impressive collection! Can you use all of those weapons or are they more for decoration? Because what better decorations?

Yep, but hatchets, throwing spears, and archery still need a lot of progress. Axes are easy once you become good at splitting wood or cutting down trees. I have also gotten into sword sparring with my friends. I have always wanted to get into hema but no places are near me. I like hand n half swords but single-handed swords like the gladius are my favorite.

Where did you get your horse bow from? I have one too but it seems like it was not made well. Also what kind of arrows do you use?

I like to play things like Casting Crowns and Chris Tomlin. What about you? Do you play classical on the piano too, or just classical guitar? I mostly draw character sketches, but I also love landscapes…and ships…for some reason

Nice, they are good. I prefer classical, soundtrack orchestra and folk music. I used to play piano a lot growing up but got rusty so I feel a bit like I am starting all over with the fundamentals.

I am starting with character sketches first but I aim to do more designing of objects are weapons, mechs, ships both sailing and space ships XD I also enjoy designing castles and fantasy/scifi cities.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important th

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