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Noah Cochran


Sorry about that! but yeah, you did a good job explaining, thank you.  Yeah, this system isn’t perfect, but it’s our first prompt battle, so there’s room for improvement.  If any has a better idea, please share

No problem, and yeah, the system is fine, it’s just kinda difficult to do blind voting when the judges can see each other’s posts. But it’s not a big deal.

Also, if none of the other judges reply by tomorrow night, are you okay with just Erynne and Calidris’ decisions?

Sure, that’s good with me. 🙂

If not, maybe the two contestants can do a quick tiebreaker with a new prompt.

That would probably be fine if we have to (a third judge to tiebreak would be better), but if I’m one of the tied ones, I might just be cranking out some little 200 word thing or something. xD

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