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Oh shoot I forgot about you. Just you specifically, I remembered everyone else.

Am I still a judge? Never mind Im doing it anyway



Yours is definitely a girl.

I could real feel the intense emotion and it definitely wasn’t cliched. However, the style of the writing wasn’t the easiest to read. It was good and I liked where it was going,  it just wasn’t the easiest for me to read.

Good job 🙂

Noah- yours was from a boys POV

I liked everything about it. The setting, the pace, and it was <i>beautifully </i>written.

Now for where you messed up because I don’t want to accidentally flatter you as if telling you you’re more attractive than a gun hasn’t done that already

I liked  the emotion you put into it, but it wasn’t very intense. You did really good showing it in only 500ish words but it wasn’t very intense which is the point of the prompt it was there but not completely, or not enough I guess. I would probably say something differently if I new the entire story but I don’t 😜

Grey- yours was also a girl

I do think the emotion was a bit cliche, but I liked where everything was going. It was a little quick, but hey, it’s not like you had moths to brainstorm and a professional editor right with you 😉 but I still really liked it and found it the most interesting of the three which is really saying something because the over two were incredibly interesting and held my attention well.

Now I gotta pick a winner? Uhh… I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Catapult is a great friend of mine, Noah is really awesome and one of the manliest guys I know (that’s still young) which is amazing, and I don’t know Grey but I so I definitely don’t want to hurt you feelings… Again.

So I’m gonna say who I choose to win but only because Catapult (that’s just your new nickname for no reason whatsoever) will chase of down to the ends of the earth if I don’t (and as a flat earther, I am truly scared of that happening)

So I’m going to choose Noah as the winner even though I loved them all. His was just really well written and I am so curious to see what was going on in his head as he wrote it

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