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That’s a good theme. I think we could all use the reminder that there is some goodness out there sometimes.

I think I write it because I need to convince myself of it XD

Right now I’m working on my reader magnet. It’s a short work and takes place two hundred years before the actual series. Basically, it just shows how the kingdom fell because of its wickedness.

That sounds amazing! That’s a great premise and I love your cast of characters!

How many books are you planning in the series? What’s your favorite part of the project so far?

Do you have a WIP?

I’m working on a fantasy trilogy set in a setting inspired by Medieval North Africa. I’m on the second draft of the first book, the first draft of the second book, and the outline of the third book.

What sort of things do you draw? And what system? I use Krita, but its kinda slow…

I use Krita too! *High five* I draw characters a lot, but drawing has been hard recently. I drew my profile picture!

HEMA!!! HEMA looks so cool. Glad to finally meet another girl who likes it   What weapons are you training with?

Yayyy!! You know what HEMA is!! I usually get blank stares and after I explain I get a “How in the world did you end up doing that?” XD

Getting started was kinda intimidating though, ngl XD

Currently nothing because of ✨the plague✨ but I was training with the longsword according to the manuals of Lichtenauer and Meyer (If I got that right XD) and Ringen/Medieval wrestling which was extremely fun. I just recently started so I haven’t gotten beyond the basics but it’s the best!

I love Celtic harp! It’s especially good to listen to while writing

Oh, it absolutely is!

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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