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*nods* Ok, what about…KNIFE GIRL!!! @josie-m, Knife Girl, would you do us the honor of being one of the judges? And @storysmith? And @erynne of course! Both should be…reasonably unbiased judged probably (:

Ok so there’s three answers above to this prompt right now–by me, @k-a-grey and @noah-cochran–and the prompt is: write a scene with a character experiencing a strong emotion. But! You cannot reveal the character’s gender; the judges have to guess (I’ma gonna guess too because I’m a ham of course) Things Grey suggested for the judges to keep in mind:

Try to guess what the main character’s gender was Did the emotion feel authentic or cliched? How was the quality of the prose?

(Ima guessing:

Noah: girl

Grey: also girl)

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