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Noah Cochran

Golden rays of sunlight slipped their bright fingers through the hole ridden barn roof, revealing armies of dust motes in their wake. I sat with my back pressed against a prickly pile of fresh hay, and tried to keep my sense focused on the sweet smell of the golden strands. As usual, I failed. The foul smell of dried muck and rotting wood engulfed me, and I gave up trying to ignore it. Like everything else, it was pointless to try focusing on the sweet things of life, not with darkness pressing in on every side.

As I aimlessly toyed with a strand of hay, the frantic buzzing of a fly pulled my gaze from the ground and up to wood rafters that ran along the roof. A web of white silk vibrated as the poor creature struggled to release itself from its grasping prison. I could empathize, but I had learned to stop struggling. It was futile, everything was futile. The darkness in life would wrap you up and never let you go. It would cling to you no matter how hard you struggled, and then–a large black spider shot out from a crevice in the wood and pounced onto the hapless fly. And then it would end you. Perhaps that time was near for me as well.

I watched the spider wrap the fly in its cocoon of doom with an apathetic weariness I had long since stopped fighting against. Care and emotion were useless. Life would abuse you, people would abuse you, your own emotions would abuse you. Better to just stop caring about anything or anyone.

I looked toward the open door and swiped loose strands of hair out of my eyes as grass rustled outside the barn. The slim form of Ozias slipped through the door and stopped before me. I met his frustrated eyes for a moment, and then went back to looking languidly at the piece of hay that I still rubbed between my fingers.

“What are you doing?” demanded Ozias in a hard voice.

“What does it look like?” I said flatly.

“It looks like you’re wasting our valuable time by playing with hay.”

“Since when was time valuable?”

“Since we had killers to punish. Now come, Joth is waiting for us.”

I looked back up at Ozias, not bothering to swipe the hair that fell back into my face. “You know you’re deluded don’t you?”

Ozias clenched his jaw. “We’ve already been over this, now are you coming or not? Evander already gave you a chance to leave.”

I slowly pushed myself up. “Might as well, there’s nothing else to do.”

Ozias shook his head and walked back out. I followed, but took my time. There was nothing left to hurry about. As I walked through the door, I glanced back at the cocooned fly. I would probably join my little friend shortly, and then I could get away from this choking darkness called life.


Okay, so that was almost exactly 500 words, but it didn’t quite go over, so I’m good. 🙃

I don’t understand this whole judge thing, so you figure it out Cathy.

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