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Josie M


I write fantasy as well! Those are awesome themes!! I really like the last one, I use it a lot too. I think another of my favorite themes is that despite darkness there is always goodness in the world, even if it seems to hide.

That’s a good theme. I think we could all use the reminder that there is some goodness out there sometimes.


Do you have a WIP? What’s it about?

Do you mind if I quote myself? 🙂

Right now I’m working on my reader magnet. It’s a short work and takes place two hundred years before the actual series. Basically, it just shows how the kingdom fell because of its wickedness.

I just finished editing (or at least a round of editing) the first book in a series. An ancient prophecy is coming to fulfillment that says a group of warriors will rise to rescue a kingdom from its tyrant king. But the warriors are the least likely people…and aren’t actually warriors. They are average folk save for their strange abilities called gifts. Though many consider them a curse. All gifted ones are hated, and therefore must hide their abilities to survive. The main character is a gifted one, and because of that she has bounty hunters breathing down her neck who will not hesitate to kill her family to get to her. On top of that, she finds out she is twice gifted, and with the gift of prophecy, putting her family in even more danger. Meanwhile, the warriors are gathering. An orphan from a broken home…a healer running from his past…a young man with a sorted past…and a recluse who hasn’t left his home in years. Not exactly a fearsome group, but the Creator often uses the weak. When the main character accepts her place among the warriors, she finds some of them have less than happy connections to her own past. The warriors will have to find faith to overcome their own weaknesses and troubled pasts to fulfill their destiny. Or the kingdom may never be freed.

Do you have a WIP?


Oh, man, that’s the coolest!! I draw too, especially digital though I have done some traditional!

What sort of things do you draw? And what system? I use Krita, but its kinda slow…


And throwing knives and archery?? That’s the best! I’ve never tried either but they seem so awesome! I’ve been doing HEMA for the past few months, which is honestly the best thing ever.

HEMA!!! HEMA looks so cool. Glad to finally meet another girl who likes it 🙂 What weapons are you training with?


Besides that, I sew, research random stuff for writing purposes, read, and play Celtic harp!

I love Celtic harp! It’s especially good to listen to while writing 😉

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