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Josie M


I really that theme. I am trying to weave morals based on God’s truth into my story and create godly applications. My chief theme is to teach how important it is to always do what is right no matter the cost.

That’s an important theme…and relevant to today. Too often, people back down when what’s right comes at a cost. But it’s worth it, because we know God rewards those who stand strong for him.



Same here! Although I am doing something different for dwarves. I am using a badger like creature humanoid in their place. Beside men and elves, I have like 20 some original creatures and races. XD

Badger-people?! That sounds cute…or terrifying. I’m not sure 🙂 20 originals? Wow!

I am trying to learn how to write poetry so I can use it to make songs, mysteries, clues, puzzles, and stories within storytelling (if that makes sense).

Totally makes sense. I do the same thing. Poetry adds a little spice to stories…and can help show culture. I mean, what culture doesn’t have poetry/songs of some sort?


I have been reigniting my passion for drawing so I can illustrate my characters and creatures. I absolutely love archery and prefer traditional primitive recurve bows. I want to learn the old ways of archery. I also have a personal armory of throwing knives, throwing hatchets, throwing spears, viking war axe, kukri, and viking two handed battle-axe. I only buy them hand-forged. I plan to make the walls of my home armed to the teeth. bahahaha XD I am also learning piano and classical guitar.

Whoa! That’s an impressive collection! Can you use all of those weapons or are they more for decoration? Because what better decorations? 🙂


What songs do you like play with your guitar? What do you like to draw the most?

I like to play things like Casting Crowns and Chris Tomlin. What about you? Do you play classical on the piano too, or just classical guitar?

I mostly draw character sketches, but I also love landscapes…and ships…for some reason 🙂

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