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Josie M


DID SOMEBODY SAY THROWING KNIVES I NEED TO TALK TO YOU YOU ARE NOW MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ahem* Hi, I’m Cathy, I’m your new crazy friend,

Hi Crazy Cathy! 🙂 I’m crazy too. We should get along nicely 🙂


I like art and music and I wish I could do archery and knife throwing (although I used to catch kitchen knives to scare my brother…), I like singing and songwriting and drawing,

What kind of art do you do? Oooh songwriting! That’s so much fun! Do you put music behind the lyrics? That’s the hardest part for me.


idk if Noah’s actually a bad drawer or not because I’ve seen no examples of his work therefore it’s just his word and everyone knows the arts always hates his work 😉

Very true…we are our own worst critic.


But. Tell me more about knives I need pointy shinies!!!! –awkward silence– <3 😁

Yes! Pointy shinies! I loves them 🙂 And throwing knives…well, I’m a total beginner. But I never miss the target…it just dodges my knives 😀 But…it’s still fun to try. I really only started because my sister gave me a set of knives last Christmas and since I have several characters who use them, I figured I may as well learn how to use them myself 🙂 BTW, they are much safer than kitchen knives!!!

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