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Josie M


 What is the plot of your current fantasy WIP?

Right now I’m working on my reader magnet. It’s a short work and takes place two hundred years before the actual series. Basically, it just shows how the kingdom fell because of its wickedness.

I just finished editing (or at least a round of editing) the first book in a series. An ancient prophecy is coming to fulfillment that says a group of warriors will rise to rescue a kingdom from its tyrant king. But the warriors are the least likely people…and aren’t actually warriors. They are average folk save for their strange abilities called gifts. Though many consider them a curse. All gifted ones are hated, and therefore must hide their abilities to survive. The main character is a gifted one, and because of that she has bounty hunters breathing down her neck who will not hesitate to kill her family to get to her. On top of that, she finds out she is twice gifted, and with the gift of prophecy, putting her family in even more danger. Meanwhile, the warriors are gathering. An orphan from a broken home…a healer running from his past…a young man with a sorted past…and a recluse who hasn’t left his home in years. Not exactly a fearsome group, but the Creator often uses the weak. When the main character accepts her place among the warriors, she finds some of them have less than happy connections to her own past. The warriors will have to find faith to overcome their own weaknesses and troubled pasts to fulfill their destiny. Or the kingdom may never be freed.

What about you? Do you have a WIP?


Another poetry lover! So, if I’m wanting to read some fantastic poetry, what book or author would you recommend? Do you write much poetry? If so, what style do you use?

I honestly don’t get to read much poetry. The libraries in my area carry next to nothing…except for a little modern poetry that is confusing and lacks depth. But maybe you’ve had better luck finding good poets? Who would you recommend?

I always rhyme my poems. I use them a lot in my writing, usually in the form of prophecy.


It seems that I continually meet people who love art, and here I am wishing I was also good at it and instead I’m absolutely atrocious at it. 🙃

Maybe you just haven’t found your medium? There’s a whole world of types of arts to explore 🙂 What kinds have you tried?


What program/tool do you use to do digital art? Is digital and physical art about the same process for you? What kind of editing do you do?

I use Krita with a drawing tablet. Physical and digital aren’t extremely different…the basics of sketch are pretty much the same. But learning what all the digital brushes do, that’s the hard part! I’m better at physical art. I do photo editing. I’ve been practicing designing book covers so I can make my own 🙂

Music is one of the prominent beauties and necessities of life. 🙂 What’s your favorite genre of music? How long have you been playing guitar? I started practicing it, but got too busy with other things. It is still on my list to learn though. I play a small oval shaped wind instrument called an Ocarina, much easier than the guitar, but I really enjoy playing it.

My favorite types of music are CCM and Celtic. But I listen to everything from country to metal. 🙂 I’ve been playing guitar, off and on, for around fourteen years. Unfortunately, this is one of those off times 🙁 Business will get ya every time. I’ve never heard of the ocarina. I’m gonna have to look that up 🙂


I’m intrigued. How good are you with throwing knives? Do you use a recurve (medieval style) or compound bow?

I am terrible at throwing knives! But it’s fun, so…yeah. I try 🙂 My first bow was a compound, but I only use recurve now. I recently got a traditional Mongolian horse bow that I love! It’s a little different than modern American styles, but it is so cool looking! 🙂

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