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Ok! I have a submission!!!! Just under 500 words: 499, to be exact XD

***WARNING: people writing on this prompt are not allowed to view other person’s submission until after they submit***


It’s a bloody mess. All over the curtains, the hall, the council members cuddling against the long bloody table.

I’m used to blood; it’s not a problem really. The only problem really is, I’m the only one who can see it because it’s not here. Most of the blood is pooled right below me, above the knee of my stiff, hollow excuse for a new leg that drags like dead weight under me.

Leander, he told me I need to rest after everything but you know I’m not a sideliner.

So. Here I am, center a devil’s cursed council glaring down our apparent ‘King’ Leander, as we go through the politics where everyone knows I’m as guilty as sin but nobody wants it to come out. Watch him take a slow, level breath, willfully ignoring the utter hatred in my eyes.

“Today, the council decides whether representative of the Sioan Tribes, Sloane, adoptive child of the arinel, is guilty of the attempted assassination of our..trusted royal advisor and former council member.” He says, deliberately.

Every word is slow and controlled, except “trusted” has the barest edge of bitter irony that he doesn’t keep quite in check. I might’ve been sympathetic if he hadn’t allowed it just like the rest of them. My leg’s stump is burning but I’m not about to sit beside these people. So I just stare above King Leander’s forehead, at the hot, trickling blood saturating his charcoal hair.

      ‘Just nod and smirk through the whole thing. Nobody will convict you.’ I lean back against the wall, cross my arms and smirk coolly at the eyes turning toward me. I know my knuckles are white squeezing my arms.

“It was an accident.” I lie, not even pretending it’s not a lie. What was an accident was letting him escape down the palace hall, drenched in blood, leaving me in a pool of my own blood, staring at a severed leg that just happened to be mine.

      ‘You sick little devil!’ I spat at him. ‘I read it, I read everything you did to them, you bastard!’

And you know what he did? He just smiled, smiled like a bemused ghostly apparition.

What did I do? I jumped him with two swords and a bad temper and the only thing I regret is I didn’t kill him. But he’s not coming back, I can promise.

“Please explain,” One stupid old crone says sickly “how you ‘accidentally’ stab the King’s royal advisor?”

    Thought he was you. I barely have the self-restraint not to tell him that. Instead I just narrow my mismatched eyes at him. We’ve gone over this story, Leander and I.

“It was dark, and I’d heard about the widigo spooks going about,” I shrug indifferently “guess he looked a little…unnatural, creeping around the halls in the middle of the night.”

The mockery in my voice is unmistakable but it’s the least I can do. Let someone hurt a child you deserve everything coming for you.


***Submission End***

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