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K. A. Grey

Yay! Thanks, guys! At first nobody responded, and I thought nobody was interested so I was kinda bummed out, but this is awesome! πŸ˜‚

Thanks for tagging more people, I wasn’t on SE for awhile and now all my old friends aren’t active anymore😭

But anyway, yup, @this-is-not-an-alien , you got it. πŸ˜‚

So, first prompt. Write about a character experiencing an intense emotion, but here’s the twist: you can’t give away what the gender of the character is. The judge for the prompt has to determine if it’s a guy or a gal speaking from the tone in dialogue and the character’s actions.

Sound interesting? Okay, I’m not sure who to tag, so I challenge anyone, first come, first serve,one-on-one. Whoever accepts the challenge can then tag the judge(s). You have until midnight EST on Friday, Dec. 17.

Write to the death! *cough* okay, well, not really.

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