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Before I even start, I gotta say I absolutely admire how much you put into your guess. Even if it isn’t all correct you did an amazing job


1) Name: Mariana Quita-Silva

Her name is Rose named after the lovely @rose-colored-fancy

2) Age: Late 30’s early 40’s?

Yes. I don’t know exactly how old but yes, somewhere in there

3) Career/Role in Story: Main character’s mum or aunt?

Yeah her mum

(Just curious, I say “mum” because I’m goofy and “mom” isn’t good enough for me, but are you in England or something??)

4) Personality: She’s a stern, but kind woman who likes to abide by the rules she set, expecting others to follow and keep them. When someone steps out of line, she can get frustrated and even a bit mean, but otherwise, she I someone looking out for the best interests for everyone. MBTI personality would probably be ESTJ-T or ENTJ-T.

Yes and no. She is actually very sweet and loving, but as far as the rules go you’re exactly right. Basically, her mind is made up and nothing is going to change it. Also, she’s an INFJ and I don’t know what the last letters are XD

5) Would you be friends with that character?: … probably not? 

She’s nice but I honestly don’t know if I would be either. She’s pretty cool and I love her, but she’s not the type of personnormally hang out with

6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: She looks almost like she comes from a Spanish-speaking country, like Mexico or Ecuador, or maybe even from Brazil or Portugal (which do not speak Spanish, FYI). Maybe she first came to the Americas as a refugee with her parents?

Actually yeah. She is originally from another country The setting of my book doesn’t exist, so not necessarily one of those but another one, yes.

7) What would this character’s nickname be? Why?: Mari, or maybe Ana.

I dunno yet. Maybe just “mum” XD

8) Character’s greatest strength: Leadership.

She isn’t necessarily a leader, but she still sets and follows the rules. I’d say her greatest strength is she is very responsible

9) Character’s fatal flaw: Insensitivity.


10) Phrase that this character is likely to say: “These rules are in place for a reason.” or maybe “I don’t have time.”

Hm, yeah probably the first one for sure

11) Character’s favourite colour(s): Navy blue.

Haven’t really thought about it so I’m going to say yes

12) Character’s family status (parents alive? any siblings or other close family members?): Mariana’s mother is still alive, but her father died of cancer. Maybe has a younger brother?

Soo she does have both parents living she just doesn’t talk to them because you’ll see why in a minute. A younger brother seems really fitting

13) Single or taken?: Taken and married.


14) Character’s children (if any?): Mariana’s only son Eduardo is the main character?

Two daughters, Kimberlin and Tae

15) Character’s hobbies: Sewing, sketching, cooking.

Quilting and making flower arrangements

16) Greatest fear: That her child would grow to disrespect her.

Oof that’s deep XD Probably that her children wouldn’t make it in life and get themselves into trouble

17) Dreams and Aspirations: That Eduardo will grow up to be a stable, able young man.

Well, yes except her two daughters lol

18) Darkest Secret: Mariana used to work in a drug-dealing business when she was 15 and unable to support her brother and parents.

Oof so is that XD

She doesn’t necessarily have a secret at the moment, but there is something she only tells people that are super close to her.

She fell in love with her hubby at a very young age (I’m not sure how young exactly but in her teens). Her parents forbid the relationship because he was a blood line of the man we are currently calling Mr. Dude, but she didn’t give in. I can’t remember if you’ve read the post about my new plot (in the thread titled “New Plot Announcement”) but everything aboht Mr. Dude is explained there. 🙂 Anyway, she also got pregnant young and before she was married which made her parents shut her out completely.

I guess you could call it a secret. It’s not that she denies it, but it’s not public knowledge either if you understand what I mean

19) Peculiarities: Her voice turns shrill when she is mad, and her left hand will begin to shake and twitch when she is concentrating.

I like that. Can I steal it!

20) Worst mistake ever made?: (hope you all don’t mind that I added one) She accidentally left the oven on and nearly burned down the house.

(Happy you did 🙂 )

Lol, doesn’t really seem like something she would do.

She greatly regrets getting pregnant at such a young age and before marriage. Don’t get me wrong, she absolutely loves her children, but as she got older she grew in faith and realized that what she did was very sinful and irresponsible. She also believes she could’ve handled the situation with her family much better and probably could’ve reasoned with them instead of being kicked out of the family.

So there’s her 😂 @emma-walker do you like her?? With her backstory and everything I feel like you’d like her XD (if you don’t just say so ;P)

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