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Noah Cochran


Hey Joise! I’m Noah, glad to have ya!

What is the plot of your current fantasy WIP?

Another poetry lover! So, if I’m wanting to read some fantastic poetry, what book or author would you recommend?

Do you write much poetry? If so, what style do you use?

About me…Aside from writing, I’ve dabbled in a bit of everything but have mastered nothing

That sounds so much like me. I feel mediocre at everything. xD But hey, we’ll get better, I’m sure of it. 🙂

I love art. I draw and paint, and have dabbled in digital art and editing.

It seems that I continually meet people who love art, and here I am wishing I was also good at it and instead I’m absolutely atrocious at it. 🙃

What program/tool do you use to do digital art? Is digital and physical art about the same process for you? What kind of editing do you do?

Music is never far away. I play guitar.

Music is one of the prominent beauties and necessities of life. 🙂 What’s your favorite genre of music? How long have you been playing guitar? I started practicing it, but got too busy with other things. It is still on my list to learn though. I play a small oval shaped wind instrument called an Ocarina, much easier than the guitar, but I really enjoy playing it.

I love archery and throwing knives

I’m intrigued. How good are you with throwing knives? Do you use a recurve (medieval style) or compound bow?

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