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Laura K. Abeid


Hi Laura! I know I’ve met you in our RP, but officially hi!

Hello, Emily!

I write poetry too! Do you have favorite themes to write about, or styles to write in?

That’s great! Hmm … normally I’ll turn an experience/emotion wave into a rhyme scheme, but that’s about it.

I used to do almost exclusively descriptive poems about nature…now I’m not sure if I can place a theme I write about… 🙂

Cool! I’d like to read some of it. (:

I have been having MAJOR writer’s block as regards poetry, recently. 🙁

Ahw no … that’s the worst. Prayers coming your way. <3



LOL SAME!!! Jaron was the base character for Liorah! XD I mostly used some of his narrative style, though Liorah develops differently.

Hehe … XD
Ah, that’s good that she develops differently. (:

They’re nowhere near exact copies, but my brother who also read the Ascendence series and is the first person who always reads my manuscripts said “I can see you used Jaron for Liorah.” Sooo… it’s not as well hidden as I thought XD

Aghjgjhgjhgj that’s what my brother did when I first wrote out Rúan about a year ago. *hides in hands*

I always go “Oh, I totally need to reply to that!” *Doesn’t and instantly forgets* So, sorry about that XD


Absolutely. It gets worse if anything. The ending broke my heart, but it was very well handled.

Yeah …

SAME!! I thought I was the only person who felt it when fictional characters got hurt! It’s like a weird form of hyper-empathy I guess?? When I’m really invested I get sensations where the characters get hurt! It’s so weird!





I remember very little except that it was descriptively gory multiple times. Like, I have a fairly high tolerance for gore but a few scenes are just seared into my memory in all their ‘glory’. I do not recommend it.

Thank you for the warning …

Exactly!!! I was listening to it on audiobook so I could just roll my eyes, skip 30 seconds forward… oh, they’re still kissing. Another 30 seconds. Nope. End of the chapter, like five minutes later. Okay, they’re done now. I’ve never skipped such big sections of a book XD

Ugh … maybe I should have done that … XD

I stopped reading in the middle of book 3, but I was also spoiled for the ending D:


I love it too 🥰 Just they way they already know each other completely and they’re just so familiar together and it feels so natural? It makes me so happy.

Mhm … <3

I never expected my romance-despising self to be writing this XD I guess that proves it can be well done, it’s just often assumed to be there.


Like, the MC and other lead of the opposite gender make eye contact for three seconds and they kiss a chapter later even though they’ve only known each other a week? Howww??

Like half the time during the first kiss I hurl something across the room and shout at the MC “You’ve known them a week and during that time you haven’t thought about anything other than that they’re attractive? What’s WRONG with you??”

Ooh, I can rant about this a lot XD

I agree with literally everything you said right there.

I willingly read the exact same trope a hundred times and that’s an excellent one. Everything about it is just *chef’s kiss* The situation where they’re forced together and then slowly fall in love during a stressful period? Perfect. A couple fighting together and protecting each other? The best trope in existence.

I absolutely love that idea!

Thank you! I’m glad you don’t think it’s stupid. (:
That gave me some courage.

It’s the best. I’ve only written a few scenes about it but it’s amazing. XD

*wants so badly to read it*

I am broken. I am bleeding .... But I am beautiful.

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