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Laura K. Abeid


She looks really cool btw

Thank you!

1) Name: Alliyah Freenoon.

Her name is Selena Ramirez. (:


(I like Freenoon I might use that actually XD)

I like it too!


2) Age: early twenties or somewheres-roundabouts

She’s turning 18, but close!


3) Career/Role in Story: MC, maybe she’s a magician, or a witch, but hides her powers and beliefs and does them in secret, then someone finds out….. (I know that probably the furthest direction I could’ve guessed XD)

Oooo you were so close! She is the MC, and she is cursed with a hex called Revertere (meaning “return back”), where whenever she hurts someone physically or mentally, she gets a wound on her back that will permanently scar.
She keeps this secret with her life.


4) Personality: Curious but cautious, introverted, gentle but feisty.

Curious, yes, but too cautious (especially socially) to carry out her curiosity sometimes.
VERY introverted and anti-social.
Mmm, feisty would not be on the chart, I’d think.


5) Would you be friends with that character?: uuuuuuuuhhhhh Maybeeee? If ya know she was nice… XD

She goes to lengths to be kind because of her curse, though she can be a bit reclusive.


6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: Darkness. She hides in the shadows.



7) What would this character’s nickname be? Why? : Star, maybe she studies them.

Oooo interesting … I like that.
Occasionally she is called Lena.


8) Character’s greatest strength: Curiosity

Her greatest strength would be humbleness, I think.


9) Character’s fatal flaw: Curiosity.

Ooo, yes, I think so.


10) Phrase that this character is likely to say: “Of course I know what I’m doing!” *pauses* *then quietly* “I think…”

Probably along the lines of “I-I-I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” *panics*


11) Character’s favorite color(s): White.

Crimson. (:


12) Characters family status (parents alive? any siblings or other close family members?): She’s an orphan, maybe with a twin, but while her twin was accepted by a well known and rich aunt, Aliyah was left to roam the streets.

Both parents are alive, and they treat her well, but hold her at arms’ length because she’s not used to being closely knit with someone.
She does have a twin! Sophia is the closest thing Selena can come by as a friend, though they are exact opposites in every way. And Sophia is the cause of most of the scars on her back.


13) Single or taken?: single, but her best friend is a guy. So.

Yes! She has no friends currently because she’s learned that she will hurt those she loves and get the wound back, and then lose a comrade, but eventually she will make friends with a guy, and she’ll fall in love.


14) Characters children (if any?): nah

Nope. (:


15) Characters hobbies: Magic, spells and potions, studying stars, stalking, maybe stealing to live, if that last one would be considered a hobby.

She more-than-often listens to music. She loves music more than anything else on earth. I guess stargazing would be a cool one as well … thank you!


16) Greatest fear: She lives with fear that she will be found out and killed.




17) Dreams and Aspirations: maybe she just wants a chance at a normal life.



18) Darkest Secret: Uh well she’s kinda living a dark secret.

Yes, exactly. Her darkest secret is Revertere, her hex. (:


19) Peculiarities: When she’s angry or agitated, her left eye twitches. When she’s on the verge of a cool discovery or something, her nose itches, which is annoying because it prolongs the discovery.

Mmm interesting. She doesn’t get angry often, but that would be an interesting tic.
I think another peculiarity is that she always is humming songs from Broadway musicals — literally any musical from The Phantom of the Opera to Dear Evan Hansen (“Waving Through a Window” is her theme song, actually).


How did I do? XD

You did fairly well!

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